NEW Lovely you page kit PU, S4H

Lovely you page kit PU, S4H 
Sale: $2.76
Save: 35% off
Made in brighten tones of reds, soft pink and browns comes this lovely, unique for daily use treasure kit...

Includes: 12 papers of 12x12 inches, JPG, 300dpi and 40 assorted elements in PNG 300dpi.

My stunning CT inspiration:

By Anja:

by Cynthia:

By Dee:

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by me:


Apple of my eye...

Apple of my eye bundle PU, S4H

Sale: $5.85
Save: 35% off

Gorgeous set of mixed Autumn bright colors like red, pink, orange and shades of browns, romantic printing high quality kit with a touch of romanticism, grunge and scenic venture... 
Element pack: 50 exquisite assorted elements in PNG-300dpi-  
Paper pack: 20 gorgeous patterned, embossed papers in 300dpi, 12x12 inches -JPG  
Stackers: 4 stacked papers in JPG, 12x12 inches- 300dpi 
Borders: 4 exquisite borders, larger size 12 inches-PNG-300dpi 
Cluster pack: 4 clusters in PNG 300dpi 
Word art: 10 word arts in PNG 300dpi 
Template pack : 4 stunning, matching templates in 12x12 inches - PSD, TIFF and PNG formats  
2 free QPS of 12x12 inches -PNG-300dpi with the purchase of this bundle

You can also purchase every pack separated 

Some amazing inspiration:


Sympathy Page kit PU, S4H
Beautiful scenic kit including 10 papers of 12x 12 inches-JPG 300dpi and 40 elements in PNG 300dpi. FS
PU, S4H, S4O
available at:

huge discount!!!

Stunning inspiration from my CT


September Morning gorgeous bundle on SALE in all my stores!!!

September morning- PU, S4H, S40
...Still can make me feel that way

The beginning of September, magical moment when we found ourselves being part of a symphony of colors, between reds and yellows, leaves dancing out of the trees, that comforting first coffee in the morning when a painted rainbow is smiling us through the air...
that's exactly what this set is all about, sensations, magic, colors, love, poetry, reading...life!

This set includes in separate parts and also in a very comfort bundle:

26 gorgeous patterned papers of 12x12 inches -JPG-300dpi
90 assorted unique elements in PNG, 300dpi.
7 ombre papers in 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi
6 solid papers in 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi
4 stunning borders in 12 inches it's large size, 300dpi, PNG.
10 beautiful word art in PNG, 300dpi
 on sale!!!!

 amazing inspiration from my CT: