New CU Spring Promise kit!!!!

This is a gorgeous kit, versatile, colorful, and perfect for every commercial or personal project you might have. It has been made with jewelry embellishments, metals, rustic fabric textures, silk and so many more wonderful and unique ideas of spring items, textures, colors combinations and shapes.
It includes28 items)
4 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300DPI.
2 metallic-jewelry overlays of 12 x 12 PNG format-300DPI.
2 Plastic flowery overlays in PNG format with its large size 12 inches-300DPI.

Elements included in PNG format-300DPI:
4 beautiful flowers in 4 different models.
1 braid ribbon
1 flower bow ribbon.
1 little bow ribbon.
1 bottom.
2 different butterflies
1 branch.
1 flower bow.
2 different tags.
3 different and unique frames.
3 different journals.


All of the content in this package was created by Kakleidesigns, and may include derivatives of the following Vendor/Merchant resources:
Rose.Li and Lauren Hill beautiful actions and scripts.

Available at Cool Scraps Digital store HERE

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