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Kakleidesigns Women pride mega kit

This is a magnifique, unique and unforgettable kit made in soft and wonderful colors. A perfect choice for every girl, baby girl or women photos.It has been created to honored every notable woman that resides in each one of you.S4H,S4O allowed.

It includes:
16 papers,81 elements and 2 FREE Quick pages in 300DPI.

Paper details:
15 papers in 12x12 inches-JPG and 1 folded tear paper in PNG format-12x12.

Each item of this set has been made at 300DPI.

Elements details:
7 hearts with word art
5 single word arts
2 page journals with a photo place of 8x8 inches.
2 stunning cards /journals
3 buckles
6 butterflies in 3 models
4 label tags in 2 models
4 tags in 2 models
3 binder clips
4 patch ribbons in different models
2 vertical gems ribbons
2 horizontal gems ribbons
2 bow ribbons
3 velvet ribbons
8 frames in 4 models
8 bows in 4 models
16 flowers in 8 models.

Thanks so much to: Rose.Li, Lauren Hill and Cida Merola beautiful actions.


Kakleidesigns Natural blog CU

This is a very nice Blog set in natural tones. It was created with my "Women's pride mega kit" available at the store. It includes a background of 1990x915 pixels-72DPI,a blank header of 550x320 pixels-72DPI to customize and a button of 185x74 pixels to customize in 72DPI. All items are made in JPG format.Commercial use allowed.

Kakleidesigns Duo color Blog set-CU

This is an intense, wonderful textures and selections of colors to enchance your blog or web site. It was created using my "Women's pride mega kit" available at the store. The set includes: 1 background of 1500x1100 pixels-72dpi, 1 header of 554x321 pixels -72dpi to customize, 1 tag button in PNG format of 300x50 pixels 72dpi and 1 button in PNG format-72dpi of 155x64 pixels to customize. Commercial use allowed.

Kakleidesigns Blog IV set-CU
This is a unique and beautiful blog set in a wonderful mix of colors and textures. Made with my "Women's Pride mega kit" available at the store. It includes: 1 background of 1400x1100 pixels-JPG format, 1 blank header to customize of 523x251 pixels in GIF format and 1 button of 150x70 pixels in JOG format to customize. All items are made in 72dpi. Commercial use allowed.

Kakleidesigns Women pride mega kit 2 FREE QPS of 12x12 inches-PNG-300DPI

Kakleidesigns- Psychotropic Paper pack-CU-FREEBIE
This is a wonderful set of beautiful full size paper pack-12x12-JPG format-330dpi. Commercial use allowed

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(Freebie expired)

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