New kit, web sets and sad news

This set has been made using 'Kakleidesigns Unisex kit'. It is also available for purchase in all my stores.

Included are one background of 1400 x 1100 pixels 72DPI, 2 centered papers, 1 blank blog header for you to customize, 1 vertical flower border, 2 horizontal separators, 2 different buttons. Commercial use allowed.

Made at 72.dpi resolution.

Blog installation instructions included

This is a soft, beautiful blog/web set made with my "Unisex kit" available at my stores.
It includes a background of 1400x1100 pixels-72dpi, 2 papers, 1 center paper, 1 vertical and 1 horizontal separators, 2 flowers, 1 button, 1 blank header and 1 blank button to customize. Commercial use allowed.
Installation instructions included.

Unisex Kit

This is a fantastic, soft and handy kit made for men, women, boys and girls. Beautiful selection of colors, divine and unique elements makes this set a perfect choice for every personal and commercial friendly project.
The kit includes 10 papers in JPG format, 12x12 inches-300DPI and 32 assorted elements in PNG format-300DPI.
Elements details:

2 wrapped frames, 3 divine belt ribbons,5 button in 2 models, 2 hang flowers,2 large bows, 2 small bows, 2 old envelope journals, 6 flowers in 3 different models,2 patchwork ribbons, 2 embroidery sachets, 2 sequins ribbons,2 male/female ice skates.S4H, S4O and Personal use allowed.

Credits: ScrappinCop, Rose.Li and Scrappin Mommy Designs beautiful actions.

Now, On March 20th TSG is closing her doors for good...is sad, really sad since it has been a wonderful store, friendly group of designers, scrappers, just don't have enough words to describe the hard work the lovely owners Dyanne and Cheryl put in TSG every day, they fighted for us each day with so much energy that is impossible to count...
so even when one of my favorites places on the net won't be there any more, this is the message I am bringing to you all:
From a famous quote, I found the exact words that describes how I feel:
"Don't cry because is over
smile because it happened"
and I made a good bye sale for all of you:
All my products:128 items, are now from $1,$2 till $3 the highest price...including new CU products, grab bags, kits, CU kits and much more...so go and click on my blinkie because after the 20th those products will be gone!
Thanks so much, Karen.

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  1. Sad news indeed! My first scrapstore was Snap and scrap and they are closing too at the end of the month. This whole financial crisis worldwide is just very hard on all of us. I hope in future when things go better all these commmunities can come back together again.
    Great job on those blogsets Karen!


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