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Kakleidesigns Frames and mats CU page template

This is a unique, wonderful template of 12x12 inches in PSD format -300dpi with every piece in a different layer. Includes 1 edgie metallic border, 1 edgie grunge back, 1 spiky grey mat and 10 pieces to move around.
Commercial, CU4CU, S4H, S4O and PU allowed.

Kakleidesigns Layered Spike grunge flower paper template.

This is a beautiful set of one PSD layered template with a grunge-metallic background and one spiky flower overlay in 12x12 inches, 300dpi. It also includes a 12x12 PNG overlay.
Commercial, CU4CU, S4H and PU allowed.

Kakleidesigns Frames and Mats CU set

This is a wonderful and original resource for every commercial, friendly or personal project.
Includes: 1 wrapped frame template, 1 edgie frame template, 1 fabric twill frame, 1 fabric twill mat, 2 brads in different models, 1 spiky daisy, 1 spiky daisy in grey scale and one fabric twill flower.
All items are made in full size, PNG format, 300dpi.

Freebie: Kakleidesigns A cherry on top mini kit

this beautiful mini kit includes 5 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300DPI and 8 assorted elements in PNG format. Only personal use allowed.
Thanks to:Rose.Li and Cida Merola actions

Click on image to get it!
Kakleidesigns Whispers of March kit

This is a beautiful, versatile kit with unique colors, textures and shades that blends all March tones around the world.
It includes 10 fabulous papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300DPI and 34 assorted elements in PNG format.
Element details:

4 wrapped frames in 2 different models.
5 patterned bows in 2 different models.
2 cute owls.
2 stunning journals.
6 gorgeous flowers in 2 models.
3 unique T shirt tags.
2 lace embroidery ribbons.
2 embroidery ribbons.
2 patterned laced ribbons.
2 satin ribbons.
2 bead ribbons.
3 triple tags

Credits to:Digital Embellishments, Lauren Hill, Chell Scraps and Rose.Li fabulous scripts and actions.

Kakleidesigns Coco Sensation kit

This is such a beautiful, sophisticated and flavory kit. Made with all shades of brown, like orange and soft pale pink and stunning chocolate, coco and grunge textures, this set turns into a fantastic symphony of colors, flavors and sweet fragances.
It includes 10 divine papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi and 30 assorted elements in PNG format-300dpi.
Element details:

2 chocolate buttons trees.
1 white coco acrilyc heart tag.
1 oval gem tag.
1 spiky shape flower ornament.
2 pearl ribbons.
1 chocolate ribbon.
1 buttons ribbon.
1 braid ribbon
1 bow ribbon
2 buttons
1 mesh coco journal
1 edigie mat
6 beautiful flowers in 3 different models.
1 gold oval frame.
1 wrapped twil frame.
1 cute doodle flowery and birds ornament
1 glass spiky heart doodle.
1 fantasy glass plant doodle
2 bows in different models.
1 cute butterfly
1 cute bee
S4H, S4O allowed.

Thanks to: Ivana's Designs shoe laces, Rose.Li, Mariana Barros actions.

Kakleidesigns Blooming Days Kit-S4H,S4O

Blooming day’s kit is a wonderful, colorful, gorgeous kit that will bloom you away!
It includes 8 blooming, textured papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300DPI.Beutiful branch of colors like sky blue, pastel pink, bright yellow and green with shades of browns.
It comes with 33 stunning elements in PNG format, full size, and 300DPI plus 2 Quick pages (bonus) of 12x12 inches-PNG format-300DPI:

4 silk bows.
3 branches in different models.
10 beautiful flowers in 4 different models.
4 frames in 2 different models.
2 pair of leaves
2 tags
2 lace ribbons
2 bow silk ribbons
2 knitted ribbons
1 wide knitted ribbon
1 journal
2 Quick pages
With every purchase of this kit you receive 2 beautiful quick pages of 12x12 inches-PNG format-300DPI.
Kakleidesigns-Blooming days QP1
Kakleidesigns-Blooming days QP2

Kakleidesigns Walking Through May

This is a fantastic, full of color, delicate pastels and assorted textures like leather, grunge, silk and so many others that blends with a huge variety of happy designs, like flowers, spring and fall nature designs, angels, birds, sophisticated fleurish ornaments and clip art, unique and bright, this might be my best creation so far.
The kit includes:
16 papers of 12x12 inches-300DPI and 46 elements in PNG format-300DPI-full size.


4 grungy solid color papers, 2 leather solid color papers and 10 assorted papers with different textures and designs, from cute to elegant.


3 solid color ribbons.
3 silk flower ribbons.
3 multi color beads ribbons.
3 knotted ribbons.
6 bows in 2 different models.
3 wrap bow ribbons.
3 fabric tags.
3 glassy transparent-fleurish tags.
6 stunning flowers in 2 different models.
2 page journals in different models. (Pregnant women clip art, notes, leaves, flowers and more)
2 notes journals in different models.
6 fantastic, unique shape frames in 3 different models.
3 ferns.
Credits to:
Cassel, Itacy, Cancer Moon and Digital Embellishements scripts.
Digital Embellishements and Scrap Desafios clip art.

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