I was chosen as May's Featured Designer at CSD

May's Featured Designer: KakleiDesigns

Every month CSD will feature ONE Designer and we want you to get to know us better!
We are proud to introduce you to Karen of KakleiDesigns.
We asked Karen some questions, and here is what she said...

*Where do you live? Montevideo, Uruguay

*What program do you use to do your Digiscrapping? I started with Paint shop pro long time ago, and now I have CS3 and PSPXII. And I am using CS3 more every day, but I am always using PSP for some specific stuff that is easier than CS3. So I guess you can say I am using both.

*How long have you been DigiScrapping? Oh, I really don't know. I lost count. But I think I made my first kit (that was terrible) like 3 or 4 years ago.

*Do you have any other hobbies besides DigiScrapping? Hobbies? I don't know if I can call them hobbies or addictions. But yes I do. I am addicted to movies, every kind, the good ones and the commercial ones. I have a DVD store in my street corner so I think I always rent 2 or 3 movies per week at least. I love music, reading, writing and TV.

*What is your most favorite day of the year? Hummmmmm, this is a hard one, because my life changed completely 2 years ago. But if I have to pick one today, I would say New year's eve, Rosh Hashanah and Saturdays that I have 3 whole hours to spend with my daughter and son.

*What's your all time favorite song? Oh, uh...I have so many! But, I think I could choose Stand by me, anything from Maria Callas, What a wonderful world from Lois Armstrong, Summertime, Fly me to the moon, Show must go on and every song from Queen and my never forgotten idol Freddy Mercury, many songs from my own country and lots of Idish and Hebrew songs. But I have so many more.

*What is your favorite scrapping style and or technique (framing, extractions, scripts, elements, doodles…etc..)? My favorite are papers, doodles, brushes, textures made from scratch on papers, and I adore making frames, testing and playing with different shapes and I also have a huge week ness for flowers.

*Name your favorite movie or TV Show and why: Ok, my favorite movie still keeps its crown over the years and it is Cinema Paradiso. Why? Because it is a movie about the meaning and passion for movie fans like me. Is a movie that show you the Italian movie history (but it applies to every culture and country) through the eyes of a beautiful relation ship between a boy and an old man. Is a real gem. (with the most amazing music which is also my favorite soundtrack). My favorite TV shows are Lost and Desperate Housewives, because the writers are just genius that stunned me more and more every day.

*Any favorite music style? I love it all, from classical to pop, opera, rock, country, folklore, etc. What I can tell you is what I don't like, and that is electronic, metal, everything with shouting, all that stuff.

*What is your favorite junk food and why? I love junk food, hahahaha. My favorite is the typical from my country that calls: "chivito". And it is like an hamburger but with the best meat of the world which is made in Uruguay (my country) and Argentine. It comes in many different styles of bread, jam, egg, pickles, olives...etc, etc...and again the most soft and tender meat on earth.

*What can’t you live without? My son and daughter. (I would die without them, even when they are 21 and 18). My whole family, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, cousins, my computer, my coffee, my cigarettes (I am a huge nicotine addict) and a good joke or a loud laugh. I need to enjoy one smile a day at least.

*Do you have a Favorite Vacation Spot? Yes, all the places I have never been...hahahahaha. But if I have to be realistic, I would say "Cabo Polonio" beach in my country which is a small seaside where cars are not allowed, there is not electricity, the sand is so fine and white that you can swim in it. The ocean is pure poetry and the little town is colorful and rustic, just beautiful.(Everybody heard about Punta Del Este, and it is beautiful, but is not the best beach in my country, and I love silence and I am not so much fan of the crowds.)

*What motivates you everyday? Guille and Camila, which are my son and daughter, and they are the fuel that makes me wake up every day...and also the idea of opening my CS3 and have time to play. But I also get motivated by sorrow, hope, and my dad's strength to keep smiling. And as I am an Utopic person, and always be, no matter what happens to me I never learned to be negative or at least not so trustful, I keep dreaming with a better day, a better world and peace and dignity to every man, child and woman on earth.

So, thanks so much for this, and in return...I am giving away my new Jungle Stitches Part 1 kit

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