My favorites layouts of the day.

This was made by Lydia using Natural Breeeze collab kit, and I wanted to share it, because it is an awesome layout!

Ok, these are a few layouts made by my friend Elsina aka EMS Arts which I just had to post them in my blog, they are out of this world, she is just amazing, a stunning designer and a magical scrapper, check her gallery HERE

This is a tag I made for taggers challenge in CSD, I am using this stunning set of tubes by Angelique Fields (these tubes are given in CSD for the challenge by Angelique) and Natural breeze collab kit

I made this layout with this stunning kit Natural Breeze available at Digidesign Resort and made by: Affair of the Heart Designs, Carena´s Designs, Dreamcatcher Designs, Kleopatra Designs, Nayyan Design Studio and Mistica Designs

Layouts using my Lemon Smile kit available HERE
This was made by Maryling

This was made by Christine

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  1. Thanks Karen! You make me blush!
    by the way, Michal said to tell you she is sorry she didn't do the scrap by numbers or any other Layout as she didn't have time. End of year exams. She hopes soon in summervacation to catch up!


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