New kit: A song for a wounded heart

Dedicated to my dear friend Lydia...

Between the nostalgic purples and pale pinks, grunge and romantic textures you will find a special corner to enhance beauty. This kit embraces the real gem of poetry, memories, nostalgic and future. Is up to you to hold the magic and walk beyond beauty...

The kit includes 16th stunning papers in JPG format of 12x12 inches-300dpi. Made with beautiful tones of purple, pale pink, soft green and beige. Grungy, metal textures that creates a soft and gorgeous set.
It includes 47 assorted, fantastic elements in PNG format-300dpi. (Full size)
1 complete metallic alpha with upper cases and lower cases.

Element details:

1 patchwork ribbon
1 heart shower
3 butterflies in different models.
1 patchwork box
1 plate tag
1 wrinkled journal
2 pin flower tags
6 curly ribbons in 3 different models.
1 tag ribbon
1 bow ribbon
2 wire hearts with tags
3 beautiful hearts in different models
1 flower metal doodle
1 flower metal border
3 natural flowers in different models
2 natural simple flowers
2 dry flowers
2 pearly flowers
3 steam large flowers in different models
1 embroidery frame
1 metal frame
1 wrapped frame
1 grungy frame
2 buttons in different models
1 curly bow ribbon
2 elegant large bows
2 small bows

Credits to: Rose.Li, Mariana Barros, Incognito, Debora Pas and Simplette.

Detailed previews and some layouts made with the kit.
(The stunning poser tube in one layout is not including in the kit and belongs to the wonderful EMS Arts who's creations are out of this world, visit her store and you will see what I am talking about)

Get it HERE

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And these are 2 beautiful layouts made by Dana with my Retro Joy kit

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