CU kit and S4H!!!

Babele's Attic CU Kit

8 beautiful and unique antique items in 300dpi, PNG format, full size. CU, S4H, PU allowed.

1 antique trim lace
1 old chest
1 bottle opener
1 shield
1 corner table
1 old big furniture
1 rocking chair
1 flower

My new kit: Vintage Catchers kit S4H, S4O

This is an amazing, unique vintage set made with extreme dedication on each detail in order to make a gorgeous kit. Wonderful lace, metal, embroidery, lots of jewelry, grunge, satin and emboss unique papers and elements made this set a real work of art. To frame your enchanting memories, from the present and past, to honor life...
18th papers at 300dpi, 12x12 inches-JPG format and 45 assorted elements at 300dpi, full size, PNG format.

Element details.
2 beautiful Victorian lace cluster ribbons in different models 2 golden bright bows 2 satin vintage bows 3 different buttons 1 antique corner table with accessories 1 antique rocking chair with accessories 1 antique chest with Victorian clothing 3 curly ribbons in different models 1 crochet bow 1 vintage plate tag 2 patterned Victorian tags 1 rope ribbon frame 2 embroidery flowers 1 organza flower 2 flowers with bows in different models 1 horizontal sequin border 1 vertical golden glitter sequin border 1 cluster border rip cluster with jewelry 1 jewel ornament 2 envelopes and letters 1 heart charm 1 wood window frame 2 acrylic flower doodles 1 big flower doodle 1 bouquet 2 wrapped frames in different models 2 vintage bubbles in different models 2 original oval frames 2 divine belts with gold Credits to. Rose.Li, Cida Merola, Davor Planinec, Monja Wessel, Tinette and macatelier.

and it is on sale HERE

Layouts I made with the kit!

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