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Kakleidesigns CU Elegant frame set

Only at $1 on September!!!

A beautiful set of 5 CU frames in assorted elements , textures, colors and styles. You can re color them or use them as they are, a wonderful option for every commercial, commercial friendly and personal project you may have. Enchance your kits and all your creations adding a touch of elegance...
All frames are made in 300dpi, PNG format, full size.

Kakleidesigns Autumn Miracle scrap kit

At $ 1 only!!!!

S4H, S4O allowed.

This is a wonderful and unique set made in 3 beautiful tones as Brown, dark orange and ocre with gorgeous and unique fall textures.
It includes 7 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi and 24 assorted elements in full size, PNG format-300dpi.

Element details:

3 rope ribbons in different models and styles
1 curled pocket tag
1 triple tag
1 satin wide ribbon
1 autumn bubble
2 golden brads
2 string bows
1 autumn cluster
1 color pebbles shower
2 metal doodles in different models and styles
2 frames in different models and styles
1 autumn leave flower
1 golden leave charm
5 flowers in different models and styles

Credits to:

Rose Li, Incognito, Cida Merola, Twin Mom Scraps, Davor Planinec and Keley Dominguez.

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A real bargain...
Happy 1st Anniversary CSD and also to me!!!

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