New kit: Mama's boy

Kakleidesigns Mama's boy scrap kit

S4H, S40

This is such a cute and versatil kit bor every boy in our lives, the little ones, the grown ones and all boys that live inside every man's soul. Made with exquisitive tones of blue and green with grunge, soft and plaid textures, this a perfect choice to every personal and commercial friendly project. you will adore this set, in the name of our beautiful boys...
This kit is dedicated and made specially for Linda and her cute boys...

It includes 15 papers, 14 JPG papers of 12x12 inches-300dpi and 1 torn paper in PNG format-300dpi of 12x12 inches.
Including 55 assorted full size elements in PNG format-300dpi.

Element details:

1 cute car frame
2 polaroid metal frames
1 rectangular patterned frame
1 bendstack multiple frame
1 cute little boy car.
1 cloud frame
1 bear boy clip art
1 rope with beads
2 ships in different models
1 paper ship
1 book journal
1 skating boy
2 butterflies in different models
1 set of bubbles
2 bows
1 edgie paper border
1 hanging clip boy for photos or tags
1 frog
1 ice cream
2 journals notebooks in different models
2 cute bear key chains
2 cute monkeys
1 knotted rope
2 leaves clusters in different formats
1 color pebbles shower
1 pencil cluster set
1 school house with boys
1 school boy
1 soccer fairy boy
1 rope ribbon
3 curly ribbons in different models
1 thin ribbon
5 delicate word art ribbons
2 bike boys tags
1 beautiful apple tree
1 turtle boy
1 swirl border
1 cute whale
1 twil tag
1 zipper

Credits to: Mariana Barros, Rose Li, Incognito, Gunhild Storeide, Americo, Redju and Lisete scrap.

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