Autumn Mix Luxury Grab bag-CU

Kakleidesigns Autumn Mix Luxury Grab bag-CU

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6 complete beautiful, never done before, proffesional, elegant, unique sets based in Autumn season. You can see in the preview a few samples of what is inside the basket-bag...
You will love this bag as it is a unique choice for every commercial, scrapping friendly and personal project you may have, full of autumn colors, gems, diamonds, amazing and dazzling designs and textures. This grab bag will be revealed on October 4th, and each set will be offered as its original price since each one of them value is around $4 to $8 each.

Hint: Enlarge preview to see some details, think about treasures full of jewelry, frames, flowers, doodles, swirls, tags...and every item in a very unique and original shape...


  1. I bought this! It is so beautiful! Can't wait to use it in my Autumn kits! :) Thank you for your wonderful work! :) I will be adding you on my blog as a favorite and I am following you as well. My blog is http://ladyyunacreations.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for putting yourself as a follower...for some reason my coding wasn't coming out right, so I changed my blog name...my new blog is http://moonlightlauracreations.blogspot.com - If you could be so kind as to add me again I would greatly appreciate it...I am very sorry for the mess up! :) I am adding your blinkie to my page right now :)

    I am so glad you like my other blogs...thanks again for your awesome work!


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