I have a new award

I received a wonderful award
for a talented designer and friend: Adry Piliero.
Thank you very much beautiful gir,
Please visit her blog, she have wonderful things !
Now I must share 10 things to talk about me..
1. I have 2 grown kids that I adore
2. I love my job, and my co worker friends
3. I am a PC addict, who isn't?
4. I love and adore Photoshop
5. I love dogs and kids
6. I love my country
7. I adore my sisters, my parent's, my friends, my family
8. I adore to scrap and design until my eyes can't take it any more
9. I hate labels and non constructive attitudes
9. My favorite movies are Drama's, romantic, every kind actually, I am a huge movie fan.
10. I don't like my birthdays...yes, I stop enjoying them since I was 25th
I am passing this to these 5 wonderful designers, scrappers and friends:

Shirley creations
Carol's DigiScrap Creations
Cathy C Designs
EMS Arts

Ivana Designs

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