Kakleidesigns Dynamic kit-S4H, S4O

A gorgeous, dynamic kit made with purple, burgundy and brown colors, grunge, asphalt, rustic, metal and urban textures. A wonderful choice for every occasion.
Including: 10 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi and 25th assorted elements in PNG format-300dpi.

Element details:

2 grungy tags
1 pillow
2 wingsy flowers
2 crochet flowers
1 glitter frame
1 oval frame
1 scalloped frame
1 golden frame
2 curly ribbons in different models
1 grunge swirl
1 string lamp ribbon
1 glitter swirl
1 pearly swirl
1 beautiful window door
1 natural cluster
1 flower cluster
1 multi cluster
1 doodle corner
1 belt
1 flower shower
1 exquisite border

Credits to: Starlight, Jaya Prem and Mystikel.

Grab it here:

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