Grab bags revealed, new bundles!!!

Grab the bundles for a very small price in both of my stores!!!

6 complete full size sets including 1 Canvas art paper templates, 1 diamond glitter overlays set, 1 winter flower set, 1 Zorba Flame special doodles set, 1 winter frame set, 1 winter snow set. 38 unique, high quality pieces never done before.
Real value of the whole bundle would be $36, grab the whole bundle for $12 until January 30th, then the items will be sold separated.

CU-Diamond glitter overlays set
5 stunning, dazzling paper templates made with diamonds, glitters and more of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi.

Canvas Art paper overlays set
4 wonderful, magical artistic paper overlays in grey to recolor and 2 colored bonus papers in 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi.

CU WinterLand series:

Kakleidesigns WinterLand CU flower set
8 beautiful, soft, delicate flowers in different models made at 300dpi, full size, PNG format.
CU, S4H, PU. You can re color or use them as they are.

Kakleidesigns WinterLand CU frame set
5 unique beautiful frames in different models, to re color or use as they are. Made in PNG, 300dpi, full size. 1 window glitter frame, 1 snowy door frame, 2 cluster metal frames in different models, 1 diamond hanger frame. CU, S4H, PU.

Kakleidesigns WinterLand CU Zorba Flame doodles
These are 8 gorgeous doodles made in different models, shapes, textures, with or without flames, metallic, glitter, vintage and more styles. CU, S4H, PU

Kakleidesigns WinterLand CU winter stuff
Includes 6 divine, artistic snowy, cloudy, stormy, soft and delicate items about winter. Made in PNG, 300dpi, full size. CU, S4H, PU.

Bright Mega Grab bag revealed:

This is a unique, enchanted, full of metallic, grunge, snowy, magical, dreamy grab bag for every time of the year. A daily resourse made with special care, charming effects and items never done before. You will find a wonderland, bright kingdom in each piece.
It includes 5 CU full size sets, paper-overlays templates, snowy-winter items, glowing element showers, unique stylish borders, wonderful flowers, dreamy frames, painted doodles and so much more...
38 full size CU items at 300 dpi.
Enjoy magic, prepare to glow!

1- 9 snowy grunge metal winter paper overlays templates at 300dpi, JPG, 12x12 inches. 2- 8 artistic painted doodles swirls 3- 9 unique stylish metal grunge borders 4- Flower and blings explosions set-6 items 5- 6 Metallic grunge frames

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