Kakleidesigns Awakening S4H Kit.

This is a gorgeous whimsical kit, kind of magic, grungy, made with amazing pastel colors, stunning pinks, purples, soft yellow and different tones of blue.
An amazing door to different morning view, between spring and summer, sunsets and flying unicorns
you will love this set as much as I did making it, it will inspired to do unique pages or scrapping friendly projects
in such a unique way since each part of this set is new, dreamy and Unique...

Including 13th gorgeous papers and 42 beautiful assorted elements in PNG-300dpi.

Element details:

8 flowers in different models, 1 unicorn, 1 wood bird, 1 poser girl cluster,
4 tags in 2 different models, 8 ribbons in different models, 1 flower border, 1 page border,
5 frames in different models, 2 buttons, 3 different brads, 1 butterfly, 1 cluster element,
1 3D painted journal, 1 moon eclipse element, 2 bows, 1 bead ribbon.

Credits to: Elena Designs, Adry Pilieiro, Microferk Designs, Lathia, Mariana Barros,
MvCabral and Emma Alvarez.


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