KakleiDesigns Nostalgic Tag

This tut is created by KakleiDesigns, any similarity with it is purely coincidental.
I am using my new kit: Charming Victory available at my stores
I am using this lovely tube by Anna Liwanag, you can purchase HERE
and kakleidesigns slats grunge mask and resized elements from the kit in order to make this tag:
download HERE

Let's start

Open a transparent canvas of 600x600 pixels
Open paper: kakleid_pp8 and paste as new layer
open paper kakleid_pp10 and paste as new layer
Open the mask and go to image, mask from image and apply it, merge group
and ad this shadow: color:
#b05b5a, vertical:4,horizontal:3,opacity:75,blur:2
Open these elements and paste as new layers (resize at 70%) with the same shadow:
ele28, ele26, ele22, ele13 and ele8, after paste go to image and rotate mirror
Use the Alpha for your tag tittle or name, resize at 70%
Paste your tube as new layer
apply shadow, merge everything and save as PNG or JPG format
Your Nostalgia tag is ready
I hope you enjoyed this tut.

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