My new products- 2 CU and 1 new kit!!!

Kakleidesigns CU dazzling pocket frame set

An amazing and unique full size set of 6 different models of frames in dazzle, glitter, gems, scalloped with borders/pockets details
Easy to re color for your summery kits or use them as they are for your heritage projects.

Kakleidesigns CU designer's metals mix

A beautiful commercial resource made with metals, crystals, gems, patterns, cardboard, grunge and many different styles and unique models.
A perfect choice to include in your kits.

1 metal cardboard stair (frame) with perspective shadow
1 metal cardboard stair (frame) with normal shadow
1 metal cardboard stair (frame) without shadow
1 crystal gem flower
2 metallic curled trees in different styles and models
1 beautiful scalloped cluster nature frame
1 metallic scalloped oval frame
1 metallic leaf scatter
1 metallic leaf doodle
1 embossed summer metal leaf
1 scalloped patterned plastic pocket frame

Kakleidesigns Road to Temptation S4H Kit

This is a magical and unique set about nature's beauty and the many different paths in life,
about traveling, roads, trees, and tempting love ...the search of romance in the road!
The kit includes 16th wonderful papers of 12x12 inches-JPG 300dpi and 52th amazing assorted elements in PNG-300dpi
Including word art, clusters, sport cars, unique foliage and much much more, dare to be bold and travel
through the dreamy paths of the kit's roads....

Credits to: Elena designs, Eirene Designs and Manuela Zimmermann
I am also using a few resources from:
Addie's Designs, Agnesingap Design, GoldenSun Designs,
Geminiz Creations, Redju Designs.

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