Go go Uruguay...and win or win even if I loose

Well...we lost against the orange machine Holland, but we are very proud of our boys and we are still celebrating, we hope we get the 3rd place in the cup, and now I hope Holland wins the cup which was my favorite from Europe, so now go go Holland!!!
and to all of you who purchased from my store $% or more since July 4th, you will be receiving your coupon ASAP, TYSM for your kind support, all my love, Karen from Uruguay.


  1. Small!!!! we are smaller dear so i hope the smallest country wins *lol*

  2. Ohh you meant the people i thought the country on itselfs, yeah we are packrats all living on the same square mile *lol*
    Thank you for being this generous, they really made it hard to win and your number 11 is so cute ;)


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