Kakleidesigns Golden Treasures S4H Kit

Kakleidesigns Golden Treasures S4H Kit

This is one of my best jobs so far, I am very proud of this kit, a vintage, rusty, grunge set made in amazing browns, golds, silvers, blacks and shades of whites.
A kit that is perfect for every occasion,full of divine and unique pieces like doodles, gold textures, wood frames, jewelry embellishments and much more.
This set includes 30th papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi and 40th assorted elements in PNG format-300dpi. Full Size.


Styles, shapes, papers, textures, overlays, gems, jewelry, flowers, frames, all by KakleiDesigns.
Thanks so much to Eirene Designs for her awesome actions (ribbons and some stitches and frame)
Thanks so much to Atomic Cupcake for her awesome actions to help me ad amazing effects to my items.
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