New Kit!!! Human ART S4H kit

KakleiDesigns Human Art S4H Kit

...when the whites, blacks and shades dance together among the presence of humanity,
art is reborn-ed as the guidance spirit of the humble soul...
I give you my hand expecting your tear brush to draw a smile in the face.
This kit is about poetry, humanity, dancing souls, freedom and the immensity ocean of
the artistic memory, made with soft, cheerful colors and textures, you will find a unique nest
for every memory to lay down and rest...

Including 13th wonderful papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi and 38th gorgeous elements in PNG format-300dpi.
(This set is one of a kind, every item was inspired in the sound of a solo voice and Spanish guitar...and I felt like flying until my wings claimed for a pillow but the inspiration couldn't rest)

Credits to: Rachael's Scraps, Karens Scraps, Tiramisu design and Redju.


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