10 new bright CU products at CUD+ Freebie

Everything is on sale, from 35% to 70%, freebie is at the bottom

Kakleidesigns CU Layered Stacked Shapes templates

4 amazing layered PSD templates in unique models, each element is in a different layer and all PNG files for not photoshop users are included. Made at 300dpi-12x12 inches.

KakleiDesigns CU Milky Art paper set

6 stunning and unique papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi with milky spots and wonderful textures, made in neutral color for easy coloring or overlaying.

KakleiDesigns CU Cardboard fun mix

10 beautiful, colorful assorted fun elements made with cardboard style and beautiful embellishments. Made at 300dpi-PNG format

Kakleidesigns CU silver appliqué frame set

6 gorgeous and unique silver frames with amazing embellishments, golden and silver doodles that will look great in any project you may have, different models, elegant and beautiful styles made at 300dpi-PNG format.


Kakleidesigns CU Layered Funny tag templates

3 brilliant layered funny and unique tags/journals with multiple layers in PSD format, textures, styles. Also including the 3 PNG samples to re color. Made at 300dpi-PNG.

Kakleidesigns CU Golden Times flower pack

8 Gorgeous, unique and different flowers made in retro, Victorian, grunge, plastic and gold styles, beautiful models that goes perfectly with any kind of kit. Made in PNG- 300dpi.

Kakleidesigns CU Layered silver/gold Flowers

This is a beautiful layered flower made with silver and gold textures and styles, multiple layers, brilliant and unique model, also including 2 ready made flowers in silver and gold, PNG-300dpi.

Kakleidesigns CU Layered Gold swirl paper set

This is gorgeous paper template in PSD format with 3 different layers, made with amazing swirls and soft grunge texture, it also includes 4 bonuses JPG papers in different colors, models and textures in 12x12 inches-300dpi.


Kakleidesigns CU Layered Diamond swirl paper

This is a gorgeous paper template in PSD format with 2 different layers, made with amazing diamond swirls and soft grunge texture, it also includes 1 bonuses JPG paper in gray in 12x12 inches-300dpi.

Kakleidesigns CU metal emboss soft swirls paper set

This is a gorgeous pack of 7 stunning papers made with metallic, emboss, silver, gold swirls and soft grunge textures, made in 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi. They look amazing with any kind of kit, you can re color them, use them as they are or as overlays. The choices are endless.

Kakleidesigns CU Freebie Mixed style flowers
A beautiful set of 8 full size flowers in many different models and styles, Victorian, metals, grungy, and much more. All made at PNG-300dpi

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