Kakleidesigns-Azur Autumn Master Poetry collab kit

My first collab kit ever, and I had the huge honor to make it with Azur:

Here is a beautiful mega collab kit between Kakleidesigns and Azur Scrap.

It's all about this period of the year where bears goes to sleep and people get cozy in the house after a good day of fruit and veggie picking. It's that time of the season where trees are changing colours and offers us a wonderful landscape every day. It's a wonderful period that you should get to enjoy even while scrapbooking.

This kit is huge and has:

42th gorgeous papers at 300dpi-JPG-12x12 inches, 102 assorted elements in PNG-300dpi, 6 amazing word art at 300dpi-PNG and 1 capital Messy rusty alpha, 1 capital and lower cases silver alpha and 1 capital and lower cases vintage autumn alpha-PNG-300dpi.

Don't hesitate to get this kit it goes well for any kind if pictures.

Grab it HERE at 30% off

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