Kakleidesigns Momentum S4H Kit+ FREEBIE at Studio

KakleiDesigns Love Symphony at Dawn
(studio contest)

First of all I would like to send you all a huge Hug from the bottom of my soul for allowing me getting this far in the competition, for your votes and all your wonderful, tender messages you sent me, you helped me go through when I had to stay awake until 6AM (like today) deleting, starting over and trying to give you something unique among so many talented co-friend designers, so thanks so much, I really appreciated.

Now, a not so long time ago this idea about colors and shades of Dawn, the beginning of romance, the magical moment between the black and foggy starts to turn in an amazing, artistic, colorful canvas that our urban eyes forgot to appreciate, I decided it was time to do something that please me for a change, and that's what I tried to achieve here:

Magic, the wonderful and whimsical colors of dawn like browns turning in purple, pale yellows, soft teals blended with beautiful textures and the most oldest theme of all: Love
Romance, young love, fraternal love, tenderness, madness, passion, and so much more...
So, here is the photo I tried to take from my personal point of view of a perfect Dawn,
a real symphony of color and feelings that could last for ever and be useful 365 days of the year.
So, I hope you like it and enjoy it.
And so sorry about avoiding the orange-red but at this point of the year and being so many Halloween and autumn kits out there, I had to put those colors to rest for a while.
And one more thing, this time I had to simplify my usual paper making style in order to make this kit an easy one to work with...

The set includes:
14th beautiful papers of 12x12 inches-JPG format-300dpi and 40th assorted elements at PNG-300dpi.

Element details:

1 cluster frame for 4 photos
1 silver metallic oval frame
1 cardboard frame
1 rusty frame with veil
1 3D box frame
1 knit-stitched frame
1 gorgeous cluster with window frame, and many embellishments and styles
1 golden metallic doodle
1 ric rac ribbon
1 felt push ribbon
2 curly ribbons in different models
2 satin -combined styles ribbons in different models.
1 stitches ribbon with flowers
1 pearly ribbon with flowers
6 gorgeous flowers in so many different styles and models
1 butterfly metallic scatter
1 puffy felt heart scatter
1 paper bow
1 embroidery bow
3 journals/ tags in different models and styles
1 wrapped heart
1 push felt heart tag
1 doodle heart
1 fantasy moon heart
1 cluster clothing model element with word art, flowers, and more
6 word arts in many different models and styles

Credits and description are inside the zips.
Thanks you...

Momentum S4H kit
Momentum is the word I was looking in English that could express what this kit means to me, in Spanish we call it "Impulso", to stand up and do, to rice, to do something by impulse or what I really meant which is the electric energy running through my veins, etching my skin in search of achieve a style I was looking for, not cute, not too fancy either, not vintage, Victorian or any possible known label, just the passion to mix my favorites tones, urban textures, and my favorite kind of elements in a single set...
So, between pale tones, earth colors, grays, soft blues and soft purples I managed to create what I wanted to, My own Momentum...which is yours now, and I hope you love it the same I do, and have fun with it as much as I did...

Including 13th papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi and 30th assorted elements-PNG-300dpi
Grab it HERE

The fantastic layouts made by my CT friends and me:


  1. I love your "Love Symphony at Dawn" - Beautiful "dawn" colours, great text elements and fantastic papers - I especially love 1,2,4, 8 and 11. Thank you so much for all your hard work in this competition - much appreciated! Best wishes - Dawn

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  3. I also love Love Symphony at Dawn! Will it ever be available for download again, or possibly for sale?


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