New Freebie kit at Studio contest

Yes, I changed my kit, I worked harder but I managed to change it because last one I didn't like at all, here is the new one that you can grab here: DOWNLOAD

KakleiDesigns Rejuvenate Therapy S4H Kit

(and I changed my kit cause I hated last one, hope you like this one better)

This is not a kit that promotes getting younger with plastic surgeries or something, no way...
This is a kit that promotes self esteem as a perfect way to keep our spirits alive, that talks about the magical recipe for eternal youth which in my point of view is:
Love yourself and others, including the ones sometimes you feel like slap them, dress yourself of tolerance, laugh at least 50 times a day, give no less than 30 different hugs every day, say something nice about someone else at least once a day and most of all, take a deep breath, stand up in front of the mirror and fall in love with yourself with passion and determination....
So, this kit is a recipe I want to share with you all but also is a recipe I need to follow myself, so I was really happy making it and I am very happy giving it to you...
It was made with 6 beautiful tones: blue, pale yellow, chocolate brown, a shade between red and pink and a soft green and Gray.
The style is based in old, rusty and a little of vintage, just the way I like it.
And it includes:

14th papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi
37th assorted elements in PNG -300dpi

Element details:

6 unique flowers in different models and styles
3 word arts in different models and styles
2 flower scatters in different models and styles
1 glitter heart scatter.
1 glitter doodle heart
1 glitter cluster corner
1 triple cluster frame
2 doodles frames in different models and styles
1 metallic and cardboard oval frame
1 antique frame
1 metallic doodle
2 bows in different models and styles
2 journals in different models and styles
1 stitches ribbon with flowers
7 ribbons in different models and styles
1 plate embellishment
1 small ribbon cluster
1 old clock cluster
1 rope flower cluster
1 antique tag with jewelry

Hope you like it and enjoy it!!!


  1. Hi, I have dl your kit, rated it, but then couldn't leave comment, so here I am! Thank you so much, you really deserve to be in the top list, and I hope you make it all the way through! I loved all your entries. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and btw, I love your attitude to life! xxx

  2. This kit is lovely, unusual combination of colours. Thank you so much and good luck.


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