New Freebie template, mini kit and...You may know already that I lost at Studio...

October weekend warrior challenge week 1
available HERE

Dare to be bold challenge-October with a new freebie mini kit: Extremely Heritage

You may know already that I lost at Studio contest but I feel so lucky, as a real champion and winner, I got the chance to meet awesome friends and designers, an amazing team that manages the store, specially Toiny that is a sweetheart, so please don't feel bad for me, because the 3 winners are so amazing that is impossible to be sad, a little envy may be, but they are such amazing women that I am really happy for them, specially for Kim from Kimeric designs which I had the chance to meet and make a very nice friendship...so I just wanted to tell you that.
I am very proud to get as far as I did, and that's more than enough for me...but TYSM for all your support, your votes, your amazing comments and mails, you made me feel so happy I can't even describe...


  1. Your work shows that you are a winner as a designer whether you win a contest or not. It was an extremely tough contest.

  2. Left a message in the forum on the template as I can't figure out how to use the 4 layers that are uneditable. Sorry, didn't say thanks in my message of 10/3 as I was more concerned in mentioning the contest.


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