New kit Mild Extravagance

Mild Extravagance is a soft, contradictory, grungy, spicy, a bit of sarcastic, strongly romantic, rustic, made in awesome earth colors like blue, beige and sub tones with a taste of vintage and modern romanticism, a set that involves many styles and themes like life itself...
This is a kit to love and laugh with, to reflect in urban and daily mirrors, but most of all is a kit that will remind us our flaws, contradictions and soul in the front seat of the humanity theater...
Includes 13th gorgeous papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi, 40th assorted elements in PNG-300dpi and 8 word art in PNG-300dpi.


Layouts made with the kit

By Elsina

By Jean Ann

by Coco

By Bonnie

By Shirley

By Bonnie

by Shari

By Chris

By Kate

by Shari

By AnikA

By me

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