New RAK-4 a challenge at CSD

Hi ladies... (and gentleman if we have any, do we?) is time for another mini challenge to win, I need 2 pages made between September and November with CSD products from the gallery, one for my Scraplift challenge, and one for my Blind lift challenge, original, pages that could be scrap-lifted , the ones you like the most, just reply to this thread before Saturday 20th and I will choose 2 pages from your posts, but I won't announce the winners here, I will PM the winner/winners with a "Super Coupon" of $5 to spend in my store the same day, so you will have to be alert and check your PM, winners will be announced at the end of December since one of the pages will be use for a blind lift challenge, so...go, go ladies and take a nice swimming in our beautiful gallery and have fun while you win!!!!

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