New Kakleidesigns Eclectic S4H kit

Get eclectic with color and splashes of light, dare to dream between unicorns, floating nature, waves of boldness and creativity with this gorgeous kit...
Made in beautiful electric blue, purple, pink, orange and green, swimming between reality and the out boundaries fantasy, enjoy this precious gem and make it your own.
The kit includes 20 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300 dpi and 111 assorted elements in PNG-300 dpi.

A gorgeous set of 6 clusters made with eclectic S4H kit at PNG-300dpi- full sizes

This is a beautiful set of 4 quick pages made at 300dpi-12x12 inches-PNG format that matches Eclectic S4H kit.
Grab them all on sale here:


Heritage scraps

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