New: Urban Magic S4H Bundle kit

Made in beautiful blues, dark wine, soft Grey and chocolate colors, gorgeous, unique patterns, textures and designs, this kit walk with you through the daily trips of your streets, the paths, the routine that we are so used to and stopped looking at...
Well, you should start, because Magic is in every corner on the city, in your shadow, in your talk, in the flowers, the bricks and the daily conversations, so this kit is dedicated to you, from 9 to 5...
Including 16 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi, 65 assorted, unique elements at 300dpi-PNG format 4 stacked papers (2 of them as Quick pages, place for photo), 2 at PNG format, 2 in JPG format, all 300dpi. 4 divine clusters in PNG-300dpi A total of 90 items of high quality in a single kit.

Available with a 30% off at:

Cool Scraps Digital

Digi Design Resort


by Kate:

by AniKa

by Kimmi:

by Veronique:

by Coco:

by me:

by Tigroune:

by Jean Ann:

by Ariadne:

by Carol:

by Kitty:

by Dianne:

by Jan:

by Edna:

by Carol:

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