New: Eucalyptus ranch S4H kit by Kakleidesigns

Eucalyptus ranch S4H kit by Kakleidesigns

In my country Uruguay, is very common to admire the versatile shapes of eucalyptus, the colors, the textures that varies depending the season, but you can always enjoy them and dance with their fragrance in the ranches located far from the capital city, the stunning colors of nature and the type of baroque building is amazing. You can be fascinated by the strong oranges , browns and yellows, the purity of the air and the simplicity of the sun light.
This kit is dedicated to a special ranch that is named like this kit, times that I miss and I won't ever forget about my childhood there...
The kit includes 13 gorgeous papers in JPG-300dpi and 70 assorted divine, unique, real elements at PNG-300dpi.

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