New: Those Crazy Boys (PU/S4H)

Those Crazy Boys (PU/S4H)
A wonderful, unique kit that mixes vintage, grunge, cute , scenic and digital styles in one set made for all our favorite boys and men in our lives, gorgeous textures and embellishments in such unique way that will suit every daily memory and make it unforgettable.
The kit includes 16 stunning papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi and 90 gorgeous, unique elements at PNG-300dpi.

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by Veronique:

by Tigroune:

by Dillie:

by Kerrie:

By Edna:

by Andrea:

by Brooke:

by Dillie:

by Jan:

by Zanthia:

by Carol:

by AnikA:

by me:

by Angie:

by Carol:

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