Color Sweet (PU/S4H) kit by Kakleidesigns

Color Sweet (PU/S4H) kit by Kakleidesigns

This colorful, soft, beautiful, sweet kit is unique and so different than every other kit I made before.
Is magical, sweet, charming and extremely happy...you will have to grab it to verified why you heart will be bloomed away once you have it, trust me on that...

The kit includes: 15 lovely papers in JPG-12x12 inches-300dpi and 55 gorgeous, unique, surprising elements at PNG-300dpi.

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by Alex:

By Dillie:


by Edna:

by Petra:

by Kerry:

by me:

by Andrea:

by Zanthia:

by Shirley:

by Carol:

by Jan:

by Jean Ann:

by Elsina:

by Nettl:

by Astrid:

by Iman:

By Donna:

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