Gleaming soul (PU/S4H) kit

Gleaming soul (PU/S4H) kit

Mixing a gorgeous tone of dark orange, soft blues and a brownie green, the result is a gleaming soul that beats in smiling brushes of magic and happy faces.
This kit is a fantastic seduction between the soft pale and the bright feelings of daily memories, the vintage, rusty ones and the gleaming moments in our lives.
The set includes:

13 gorgeous papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi and 45 stunning, unique elements at PNG-300dpi.

Available at :


Some amazing inspiration:

by Nettl:

by Angeleye:

by me:

by Angie:

by Lynnette:

by me:

By Dillie:

by Zanthia:

by Elsi:

by Andrea:

by Decemberdesigns:

by AnikA:

by Edna:

by Carol:

by Shirley:

by Jean Ann:

by Jan:

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